Meeting Details

About Our Meetings

At the Newmarket Gospel Hall we refer to our various gatherings as “meetings” as opposed to “services” or “church services”. We are non-denominational. We refer to our members, all of whom are people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour, as “the assembly” or “members of the assembly”. Everyone is welcome to attend any of the meetings.

Breaking of Bread: Sunday, 9:30 AM

Most visitors will find this meeting unique. We have no officiating Minister. We meet in the same way as the early New Testament church. The members of the assembly are seated around a table with emblems: a loaf of bread and cup of wine, symbols of the body and blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
The meeting is held according to Jesus’ request to do this “in remembrance of me,” 1 Corinthians 11:24-25. The men participate under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. There is no prescribed program, but a theme often emerges in the singing of hymns, prayers and Bible readings. Often there is a time when one is led to consider the sinful nature of mankind that we would put the loving Son of God of the universe to such a horrible death.
With thanksgiving and praise, we worship God the Father through the Holy Spirit for His mercy, love and grace. The focus is on the Son of God who came to the earth for the purpose of dying and paying the debt of sin for each of us. Thanksgiving is made for the emblems and they are then passed among members of the assembly. A triumphal song of praise, a short lesson, some announcements and a closing prayer will usually end the meeting.
All are welcome to sit and observe this special event.

Sunday School: Sunday, 11:30 AM

There is a general opening with singing, prayer and a story lesson. This is followed by small, age-alike classes from pre-school to teens starting at 11:50 a.m.. The focus is on teaching the gospel with salvation as the end result. Added to this is the desire to enrich the lives of those who have already become Christians. There is, therefore, a secondary focus on presenting practical lessons for spiritual growth.

Gospel Meeting: Sunday, 12:00 PM*

The emphasis In this session Is the salvation of those who have never made a commitment to God. The program begins with singing and an opening prayer, then usually two of the local brethren give messages. Each week there is a different pair of speakers. Sometimes visiting evangelists speak.
(*Note: On specific dates from September through June this meeting is replaced by Family Night at 5:30 p.m. See below for additional information about Family Nights and for a listing of specific Family Night dates.)

Prayer For The Gospel: Sunday 6:10 PM*

This short session focuses on the gospel presentation that follows it. Prayer is made that those seeking God will come with their hearts prepared, and that the message will be made clear by the presenters. Finally, the emphasis of the prayer is that some will respond to the message in believing faith and become children of God.
(*Note: On specific dates from September through June this meeting is replaced by by Family Night at 5:30 p.m. See below.)

Prayer and Bible Study: Tuesday, 7:30 PM

Throughout history It has been shown that both private and collective prayer have been at the root of success. The assembly convenes this time to set our petitions before the God of heaven because He has asked us to pray. After an opening hymn, the men of the church pray for about half an hour and then a passage of scripture is read and its meaning is discussed.

Family NightSunday, 5:30 PM

(The last Sunday of each month at 5:30 PM, from  September through June)

The assembly hosts “Family Night” where guests are provided with a free supper and gospel message. In December the occasion is also used for the presentation of a special Christmas Program by our Sunday School students. Anyone interested in attending any of these dinners is welcome.

Hobby Night: Friday, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

This program is for young people of age five to teens. It begins with a fun Bible song and scripture memorization session, followed by a message from the Bible. Age-alike groups then move to craft tables where they are shown new skills and are given the opportunity to create a take home project.
(Regularly two 7 or 8 week sessions per year) REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.