Bible Reading Charts

Why read the Bible?

God’s word is likened to “a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” Psalm 119:104.

The best way to know, understand and appreciate God’s word is by reading it. Where do you find God’s word? In the Bible!

We encourage children, teens and adults to read the Bible in order to learn God’s truths for themselves.

Bible Voyagers Bible Reading Charts

This year our Sunday School invited participants to embark on an adventure together with us as we read the Bible! Participants were placed into different divisions by age and each division was provided with its own set of Bible reading charts.  Each  chart contains a series of readings from the Bible for participants to mark off as they are read. YOU are welcome to download the charts and read at your own pace! IF you don’t have a printer contact us and we will gladly mail you the charts.

We have also created a series of charts for the whole family and we call them “All Aboard”.  These charts take readers through an overview of the Bible and many key passages. Our intention is to encourage families to spend time together reading the Bible and to help familiarise any interested parents with what their children are learning in Sunday School.

Sailor: Ages 4-7. These charts contain well-known stories of the Bible including Creation, Noah’s ark & the birth of Jesus Christ.

Boatswain [pronounced “bow-sn”]: Ages 8-11. These charts also contain many well-known stories and passages, though different ones from the Sailors. These include Jonah, Daniel, the life of Jesus Christ & the beginnings of the early church.

Quartermaster: Ages 12-13. These charts focus mainly on the life of the Lord Jesus Christ as recounted in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. There are Old Testament passages included in each chart as well.

First Mate: Ages 14-17. These charts take readers through the entire New Testament with some Old Testament passages included to illustrate links between the Old & New Testaments.  

Download Bible Voyager Bible Reading Charts here.

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching” 2 Timothy 3:16a