About Us

The Newmarket Gospel Hall is located at 736 Davis Drive in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. L3Y 2R4
Contact us by phone at 905-853-1430 or by email at

Welcome to the website of the Newmarket Gospel Hall

We are a small local church of Christians who have committed our lives to Jesus Christ. We use only the names given to believers in the New Testament: “brethren”, “saints”, and “Christians”, all of which are terms that describe people who are born again and therefore belong to Christ. (John 3:3Acts 11:26,Colossians. 1:2.)

We have no formulated creed, but accept the whole Bible as the supreme and final authority of faith and conduct. The Word of God is our infallible guide in all things. (2Timothy 3:16-17)

We observe, in simplicity, three important commands left by the Lord Jesus for His people:

We have no minister, pastor or priest as a leader, but instead have among us a group of local elders who respond to the leadership of God through the Holy Spirit. We have no other earthly organizational structure. Similar groups of believers in Christ, following this New Testament pattern, meet in all parts of the world.