A broken the law             Friday, October 19, 1945

“I am Major Neave, the officer appointed by the international military Tribunal to serve upon you a copy of the indictment in which you are named as a defendant”

With these historic words a 29 year old British lawyer confronted the members of the German high command at Nuremburg, Germany.

They were charged with crimes against humanity…                          the penalty…death

Did you know that you are charged with crimes against deity?     The penalty… spiritual death!

A broken rope                   July 1865

in the small Alpine Museum of Zermatt is an apparently strong rope with a broken end, it is a reminder of the tragedy that accompanied the first successful expedition to the top of the Matterhorn.

Edward Whymper led an expedition of three climbers, two brothers who were guides and a famous guide named Michael Croz.

 The climb to the summit was successful, but as they began to descend disaster struck.

Michael Croz was in the lead followed by the three climber when the climber above Croz lost his hold, and fell on Croz, dragging the other two climbers with him. Edward & the two brother guides braced for the shock of the rope when all slack was gone, but it was not what they expected. The rope tighten, then snapped like a threat, and they watched with horror their companions fall hopelessly to the glacier  floor some 4000 feet below.

What are you trusting in to hold you, to keep you safe? Maybe you will never climb a mountain. Maybe you will never have to trust in the rope.

An examination of the rope immediately revealed that it was not a genuine Alpine club rope. The Alpine approved ropes have woven through them a red strand affirming that they have satisfied the clubs standard.

Is what you are depending on have red in it… Are you trusting in the only God approved deliverance? Are you trusting in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ?

A broken earth                 January 17, 1994

underneath the Earth’s surface are broken plates which can shift at their broken points from time to time When they do they cause earthquakes. Even as you stand on the earth you cannot assume that you are safe from its quaking. In many earthquakes many lives are lost and in the earthquake near Newfoundland in 1994 at least 27 lives were lost.

So where do we find safety?

A broken verse                 A. SAP

The woman who had traveled a long distance to hear an evangelists preach, listened with interest to what was being said. One of the young men suggested that they “break the verse in two”.

acts 16:31            believe on the Lord Jesus Christ                 God’s way of salvation

                                and thou shalt be saved                                God’s word of assurance

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